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Allergic rhinitis

2+ yr/may be year round symptoms/sneezing & watery nasal discharge/antihistamines & avoidance

Roseola Infantum

6m-18m/herpes virus-6/high fever x 3-4 days, fever breaks & rash appears/? Contagiousness/ no treatment

Hand, foot mouth

all ages/coxsackie A16/blister-like rash on palms, soles, and canker sores in mouth/7 days/no treatment

Watch for sunburn, insect bites & poisonous plants

Fifth Disease

school age common, but all ages/Parvovirus B19/rash-slapped cheeks & lacey body rash/risk for pregnant-mild for children/spread by respiratory route/rarely recurs but can/no treatment

Common cold

111 viruses/any age/respiratory droplets or nasal discharge/5-7 days/comfort measures


any age/respiratory droplets/cough & congestion/ 3-5 days-cough x2-3 wks/can recur/comfort measures unless needs oxygen


 < 2 y/fecal-oral/watery diarrhea/2-5 days but runny stool may lost longer/can recur/keep hydrated/comfort measures

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