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Congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival! The staff at Cornerstone Pediatrics encourages you to visit our office for a complimentary prenatal visit to meet the staff, tour our facility, and spend a few minutes with one of our providers to learn about our services. If you choose to have your child become a patient with us, we would be honored to care for your child as he/she grows and develops. We will also be here to help you through illness and injuries, should they occur.

After you have decided on the best health care provider for your child, please be sure to let your obstetrician and labor support person know. If you deliver locally at Yavapai Regional Medical Center-East, please have your support person inform the hospital staff of your choice and then focus on having your baby. Generally, if your baby is delivered without any problems, a pediatric health care provider will examine your newborn within 24 hours. If there should be an unforeseen problem at a vaginal delivery or if you should require a caesarean section (either planned or unplanned), a qualified pediatric/neonatal health care professional will be in attendance.

While in the hospital, your infant will be seen daily by a health care professional, either a physician or a neonatal nurse practitioner. If you choose Cornerstone Pediatrics for your child’s health care, you may or may not see Dr. Klein. If you do not choose Cornerstone Pediatrics you may still see Dr. Klein while in the hospital. The pediatricians share call on a 24 hour basis, so there is a different provider each 24 hours. This system allows the doctors to see patients in their office and not get called out for emergencies and it allows them to readily attend all aspects of newborn care while on call.


Once your newborn is discharged from the hospital, Cornerstone Pediatrics requests that you make an appointment to see one of the providers within 2-4 days after discharge. At this visit, we assess weight and well-being of the infant, address questions or concerns of the parents, and evaluate for any problems with feeding or jaundice. After that visit, we will see your child at three weeks of age. By this time, the infant has generally regained weight back to their birth weight. After these initial visits, we start the routine well infant schedule of 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months for the first year. Your infant goes through many stages and changes in that first year and we evaluate them frequently to insure proper growth, nutrition, and development.

We encourage you to make your child’s next well visit appointment before you leave the office from the current well-child visit. This insures you will be able to get the day and time you need. We see a limited number of well visits a day to accommodate the “sick” visits. Sick visits generally include acute illnesses, follow up appointments, and other concerns. We want to be able to see your infant or child the day you call if needed.

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