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One of the best ways to insure continued good health for your child is with regular immunizations. Many contagious diseases have now been controlled by immunizations. It is important for you to keep a record of all immunizations. Please bring the shot record to each well visit. Today your child will receive Pentacel (DTaP, Hib, & polio combined), plus Hepatitis B and pneumococcal injections and oral Rotateq to protect against rotavirus.


Breast milk or formula continues to be all that your child needs.  No extra water or juice is necessary.  If your child is drinking 40 ounces or more of formula a day or breastfeeding more often than usual, call our office and we will discuss starting rice cereal.  We do not recommend adding rice cereal to bottles.


You can help your baby develop good sleeping habits by establishing a regular schedule for feeding, naps and bedtime. Sleeping through the night is unusual at this age, but a 4-5 hour stretch is likely. You may find your baby sleeps better at night if you feed him or her at least every 3-4 hours during the day. Irritability is often due to lack of sleep.


  • Be sure your car seat is in the back middle seat, especially if your car is equipped with a passenger side air bag.

  • The chest latch needs to be in line with the collar bone while traveling.

  • Do not leave your child unattended on changing tables, beds, couches, etc. He or she can roll unexpectedly.

  • Do not provide toys that can fit into your baby’s mouth or have parts that can be pulled off.

  • Do not let the baby play with plastic bags or balloons.

  • Be sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

  • Cigarette chemicals are dangerous to babies. Smokers must change shirts & wash hands before holding your baby.

  • Avoid burns by not carrying your baby and hot liquids at the same time and keeping your hot water heater set at 120 degrees.

  • Your baby is too young for sunscreen so limit sun exposure and use visors, shade and protective clothing.

  • Do not let your child sleep on pillows or any surface that can trap your baby’s face (waterbed, bean bag chairs, etc).

  • Shaking babies can cause brain damage and death, so never allow anyone to shake or hit your baby.



Time playing on the floor, especially tummy time, is great for physical development.


  • can lift head a short distance when on tummy and has consistent head control in supported sitting position.

  • follows objects with eyes.

  • sucks a lot; may suck on fingers/thumb


Playing with your baby, making eye contact and smiling will promote social development.

  • smiles back at you (responsively)

  • rrecognizes and likes to look at mother and father


Respond when your baby “talks” by talking back. Read to your baby daily.

  • babbling or cooing noises, may laugh

  • variation in cry (can identify “hunger cry” from “pain cry”, etc.)


Next appointment is at 4 months of age!

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