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Healthy Hands

Healthy hands – healthy you: Hand washing


Washing your hands is very important for maintaining good health while preventing getting diseases from germs.  We at Cornerstone Pediatrics recognize that and hence recommend everyone should wash hands every time in the following situations:

  • before eating

  • after using the bathroom

  • after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose

  • after touching a wound or an open sore

  • after playing with pets

  • after playing outside


To wash your hands properly, first wet your hands with water add soap and then rub your hands together both front and back and in between the fingers for 20 seconds (or sing “Happy Birthday two times”.  Rinse thoroughly with water.  Use a clean paper towel to dry your hands and use the same paper towel to turn the faucet off and open the restroom door before throwing it away.

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